We’re Eco-Friendly 

EDGE Express is a proud member of WaterSavers. Washing your car on pavement causes water runoff, when you combine that with all the chemicals on your car you create a negative impact on the ecosystem.

How WaterSavers® Works

WaterSavers® minimize these risk by routinely treating wash water prior to it going back into the environment. These washes also utilize less water per car.

EDGE Express Car Wash qualifies for this program because

  • We route all our water discharge through a special treatment facility.
  • Devices are installed to prevent backflow.
  • We use an average of 40 gallons or less of water per car, significantly less than washing a car in your driveway.
  • Uniquely designed spray nozzles that are water efficient.
  • We agree to be inspected and reaffirmed annually to show we are still in compliance.

Find out more about these efforts at www.carwash.org/watersavers

In order to maintain our Wastersavers® status, we annually reaffirm with the International Car Wash Association that we meet the above criteria, including inspection by a licensed plumber or distributor member.

To find our more about the WaterSavers program and the International Car Wash Association, please visit http://www.carwash.org/watersavers